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James, this is where I'm confused. All my computers and devices have static ip's. When I'm "Remote Connecting" to the pi at home, it's just to gain access, the pi is headless. When I do that I'm not connected to gogo6 on the Win7 laptop, I'm only using it to access the pi.

So, gogo should know nothing about the Win7 laptop at that point. I'm just asking this, not being smart, what does it matter which computer I sign on to gogo from at my end, as long as I only have one connected at a time as the authenticated user.

Or, are you saying that the static ip on my laptop is stuck forever and I can't connect authenticated on any other computer from my home? Sorry if it's simple, I'm just not understanding yet.

What I want to do is connect the pi to gogo and use that as the router, not my Win7 laptop. I want the pi to be the host and everyone else the clients. When I try this it doesn't work. And when I try this and it doesn't work, no other computer at my end is connected to gogo. Hope that makes sense.

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