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James, I'm confused about something....

My Win 7 laptop that has the gogo6 client running on it connects fine. My raspberry pi connects fine as anonymous, but will not connect as authenticated, and when set up as router.

Can I only run authenticated and as router on one computer only?

I access the pi through "Remote Desktop" on the Win 7 laptop. I am not connected to gogo6 on the laptop when I connect to the pi.

I need to be able to connect to the pi with remote desktop with my laptop and connect to gogo6 with the pi and set it up as a router? It's acting like it only wants to let the Win 7 laptop connect as authenticated, and the pi as anonymous.

I keep getting a message in the terminal when I run .gogoc:

No IPV6 Support found
Try "modprobe ipv6"
So I "sudo modprobe ipv6" and it seems to be ok.

When I have to do this as anonymous it connects fine, sometimes takes a while. When I try this as authenticated it just returns the terminal prompt and no sit1.

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