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Got the compile to work. Think I'm going to go another route. I want to be able to serve webcam video as well as have full access, and the raspberry pi is not quite up to that task. Will look for a more powerful solution, Newegg have some systems that caught my eye.

The gogodroid program works just fine. I just connect as anonymous. I think I'm just going to use Windows Remote Desktop. I have had no trouble getting it to run, and can access my webcams without issue from my Android phone or tablet. I had to mess with a few different programs to get RDP to work, but 2x available from the Play Store connected first time, and every time after. Set up a new connection, input your gogo6 ip, your Windows username and password and away you go. I have a lousy internet connection here, and it still worked ok. I could see my webcams just fine on my phone.

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