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Now you can decide if you want to pay Bell an extra 5 or 10 bucks per month.

As JamesK said, let us know if you want to go directly to a device or devices, or if you just want to hit a single machine to control other devices.

Paying Rogers for a static VPN connection to my rocket hub allowed me to have incoming remote control service to a Mac Mini on my remote network running a web server and home automation software. I could check the logs on the Rocket Hub by connecting to the Mini then browsing to the Hub. I used the same approach to control and configure a PAP2T for VoIP.

I connected directly to a Panasonic IP camera that used their Viewnetcam Dynamic DNS service to report its address. This camera also FTP'd images locally to the Mini.

Having a way to know the current IP address of the remote hub is one thing. Setting up the correct port forwarding and access control is another.

In my example above, using incoming port 80 for 2 different web servers would not be a good thing, so the web servers on the Mini and the Panasonic camera were configured to use other ports.

Just some thoughts for you to ponder.

Edit: You'll have to check some other posts about the Bell dynamic/static offers. With the Rogers IP offer I essentially bypassed the private address and went directly from the Internet to my Hub. This meant I only had to deal with NAT and Port Forwarding on the Rocket Hub.

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