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When you say you're having no luck getting dynamic dns going, do you mean running at all on the Pi, reporting to an external server, or connecting from the outside world?

This is the general order of things I would suggest for what you are trying to do.

Get a Dynamic DNS client on the Pi successfully reporting to whatever DNS service you choose to use (No-IP, EasyDns, etc).

Trigger an update on the client, and check if the IP address was reported at the time you expect when you check your account on the ddns service/server.

Get a webserver or another known service with a well known port running on the Pi.

Disable wifi on the Android, connect to the internet with your cellular data plan, then see if you can reach the IP address reported by the ddns server. If Bell is allowing/supporting default port forwarding, and you have a web server running, this should be the ip address reported by your DDNS, with you specifying the port just to be sure -

You will have the same routing issue(s) with any other cellular internet hub regardless of the provider, it comes with the technology. There are posts on here and other sites about the Bell's 5 or 10 dollar per month charge for dynamic or static IP's. I had to pay Rogers 10 bucks per month.

With one year left on your contract you'll have to decide if you want to pay 60 to 120 bucks for the rest of the contract.

I eventually found a WISP in my area and was able to punt Rogers.
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