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From my own experience with a Rogers RocketHub I have to agree with JamesK, this is not a plug and play project. If you want to search for some of my other posts on here about the Rocket Hub that may help give you an idea of what you can do, and some of the challenges.

Cellular hubs are a lot messier than regular cable or DSL for incoming access. The cellular provider does not generally give you an incoming route between the exposed internet ip address (your and your Turbo Hub on their internal network (your unless you pay for a static IP or VPN. Incoming requests just get lost in the Bell cellular cloud. The is a private address for your Turbo Hub on the Bell network. With Shaw or Telus or other ISPs the would be the address for your local router.

If the device you want to talk to on your internal network has an embedded web server and the ability to report to a dynamic DNS service you may be OK. If the web server can keep an outgoing port open that your incoming request can always get in on, maybe that will serve your purpose.

The first thing I would do is see if you can get a Dynamic DNS client running on whatever OS you plan to use on the Pi. I haven't started playing with a Pi yet, but if you do a search for Dynamic DNS Raspberry Pi there are lots of links to give you some idea what you have to do.

Then, see if you can hit it from another another machine outside your Bell cellular network. Testing this is a pain. You can confirm the web server is active when you are on your internal network, but you really can't confirm you are accessing it from the outside world unless you are connecting from the outside world.
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