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How do you forward ports or set it up when you have different ip addresses.

All TCP/IP services, whether TCP or UDP use port numbers. for example ftp uses tcp port 20 & 21, ssh uses 22, telnet 23 etc. So, if you had an telnet server, you could configure your firewall to pass port 23, coming in on your public address to whatever local address your server is on. The only way you could have two or more computers offering telnet would be to use a different port number for them and configure your firewall accordingly. So, if all those devices use the same port number, then you can't use just port forwarding. If you can configure them to use different port numbers, then you can forward each port number to the appropriate device. If you can't then you have to use some other method, such as a VPN or IPv6, as I described.

If the OP is simply looking for Remote Access, you've gone into far
If he's trying to remotely access multiple devices, then I haven't. The usual port forwarding won't work with multiple devices if they're all configured to use the same port number.

One other thing, how are those devices accessed? If via something like ssh or telnet, then you can use ssh to reach a computer on your home network (don't even dream of using telnet here) and then from that computer fire up a ssh or telnet (here it's safe) connection to access those devices.

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