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Thanks guys...

James, way over my head. I have a solar system and I want to be able to access / track the charge controllers remotely. I have a raspberry pi I would like to use due to it's low power, and normally it wouldn't be an issue, I would use Teamviewer, but the rpi has a arm processor, and Teamviewer will not work on arm.

I tried setting up dyndns and couldn't get it to work. I don't understand (at all) how to set it up, although I have read enough to last a year.

How do you forward ports or set it up when you have different ip addresses. I'm assuming the ip in my router is my address "to" Bell, and the is how the internet sees me "from" Bell. It's really confusing to me and I can't see how to get around it. You may have given me an option James, but it was way over my head. Thanks guys....

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