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I have my Roku set up with unblock-us and on that website it will give you directions for using other apps. For instance, I set up Hulu Plus on my Roku by using my Canadian credit card and the numbers of my postal code, followed by other numbers that led to a valid ZIP code. Worked for me and I am running Hulu Plus on a Canadian Roku using a Canadian CC.

The Roku shines as well because you can load the PLEX client (free) on it, and with a similar PLEX server (Mac, Windows, Linux, some NAS devices) which is also free, you can get content from your computer. On an Apple TV you have to jailbreak it to get PLEX, and the latest ATV has not yet been jailbroken. PLEX also works well on iPads, iPods, some Samsung smart TV's, and iPhones. Plex works on all those devices in my home, and remotely when I am on the road. PLEX will even transcode video files so you can play many different file formats than may natively play on the ROKU.

One advantage of the ATV is that you can Airplay to it.

I have three ATV's and one Roku (2 XS). My home is mostly Apple, but IMHO, the Roku is a better device because of the huge app market. I also look forward to the new ROKU UI which is only on V3 but will soon be available on V2 Roku's.
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