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Originally Posted by becks View Post
I don't expect them to stay in the prison. I can see them re-organizing and heading to Woodbury to live
I really don't understand why they took them out of Woodbury and went to the prison.

Horrible living conditions (it's a PRISON!), walkers still finding ways in, fences run down during attacks, etc. The village had far better living conditions.

Given the reduction of population and the realization of what the Gov was like, the change just does not make sense to me.

I agree with XM4243 - the Guv should have been eliminated. Typical of US TV, they create a bad guy for every story line. As if being in a world of walkers, where everyone is infected, does not create enough drama! Almost like the writers are taking the easy, lazy way out.....

In the books, don't they kill the Guv? And yet the books have gone on for a long time afterwards? TV execs are just brain dead some times.....
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