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Seems to be a bit of negativity in the G&M comments section about this service, including some from Hugh himself, which I don't get - don't we want to encourage competition in this space, if only to drive some innovation?

RE: lack of a-la-carte choices - Isn't this more a factor of CRTC rules than anything else? VMedia's site says that they are planning "UChoose" and "standalone" offers by mid-May.

RE: no HD package - from VMedia site - Every channel that we offer which comes in HD, we deliver in HD. All SD channels at launch which have HD versions will be converted to HD by mid-May.

RE: Expensive hardware - $60 to purchase a set-top box. Priced a Rogers box for purchase lately? There's an option to rent it for $6/mo but in 10 months I've bought it. How often do you change TV providers? I don't want to watch TV on my computer, I want to watch it on my TV, so some type of set-top box is expected.
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