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Don J,

So you are doing separate tests with, and without torrents going? If so, of course you will see differences. Torrent software, depending on settings, can saturate (max out) your connection.

The original issue hasn't been fixed since the tech left the tag saying its an inside problem?

If you are on ADSL (the one where you plug a modem into any jack, and filter all your other jacks) then they may need to update the setup. They have a procedure in place where they dedicate one jack for the modem and install a central filter, and go over it all with a fine tooth comb.

They don't throttle as far as I know. Being DSL, your upload speed is lower than download. Nature of the technology. I don't think cable internet is much different. Business internet offers symmetrical speeds but is big $.

Please don't hesitate to call MTS. It probably can't be fixed over a forum.


(Authorized contractor for MTS, any views expressed are my own)

Authorized Service Provider (Contractor) for MTS Allstream. Any views expressed are my own.
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