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Don J
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Just an observation :
I use uTorrent a lot. I keep torrent uploads running constantly and download less frequently.
I noticed something last week. I ran a SpeedTest to test my new connection ( we moved recently ) and found the speed to be horrible. It was 0.98 Mb. I ran a few more and the speed always stayed under 3.0 Mb. I had run a SpeedTest the first day we moved in and it was around 9.0 so I was a little miffed to see the level so low.
My torrent uploads were running about 236 Kb. Out of curiousity, I stopped the uploads. Speedtest went up to 7.0 Mb. I restarted the uploads, speed dropped to 2.5, stopped them again, speed increased, restarted, speed dropped.
I've tested this a few times during the past month and always had the same results. No uploadind - up to 9.0, uploading - slooow.
Am I being penalized for sharing ? Are we being monitored so closely that our connection speeds are constantly being altered ???
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