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Raspberry Pi

I have had mine for 6 months or so and just ordered a couple more.
I have used the first one to run XMBC - more on that in a minute.

Plan to use the next two for another XMBC box and the other one as a file server.

Have tried both the XMBC releases, i.e. Raspbmc & Openelec. Both work pretty well with a few common frustrations.

1) Biggest problem is getting Wi-Fi to work. I have half a dozen Wi-Fi dongles ranging from really old to pretty new. None of them have worked. Even when I go look at the recommended dongles, you still see people saying they can't get them to work. You can not drop to a terminal window so you have to use SSH to debug. BUT you can not have both a wired network and a Wi-Fi network at the same time. Makes it almost impossible to trouble shoot the Wi-Fi connection.

2) Remapping the TV remote would be pretty easy IF there was a way to capture the remote transmitted key ID. They tell you to use debug and look for the keys, but that is an exercise in frustration since the debug captures everything and you have to sort through a long list of commands looking for a specific key entry. Worse, the log seems to be written to file with a long delay. So you can't just press a key and then go read the log.

3) Using the Analog audio out has a number a issues - the worst is clicking/popping when the audio is stopped/started. For example between tracks, when jumping forward or back during video playback, etc. There are a few work arounds but I have not been able to make any of them work. (And I am a pretty experienced geek). There is also seems to be a lot of noise on the output. These appear to be hardware related issues not related to XMBC. The HDMI sound works great, but I hate to leave the TV on when listening to music.

4) I have a 40,000 file music library, Raspberry/XMBC apparently can't handle that size. Simply crashes. I am hoping the 512M version solves this problem.

5) The Web interface seems to crash freeze / not work quite a bit.

Sounds pretty negative, but all in all I like it enough to have ordered two more!

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