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Received a Raspberry Pi as a Christmas gift and just recently started to fiddle with it. Purchased a small TV (1080P, 22", $150) with HDMI to serve as monitor.

This worked straight away with the supplied OS. All set if I wanted to write PEARL and "C". Didn't.

The main app I found, a media center, was an implementation of XBMC for the Pi called "Raspbmc". It was one of three on offer, reviews of it, "OpenELEC" and "Xbian" indicated the latter were more particular. May try them later.

In any case, downloaded Raspbmc and put it on a fast SD card, put the SD in the Pi, connected and powered up. After some waiting and burps the assembly came to life and I now have a XBMC media centre which performs quite well. Plays videos from my laptop hard drive at 1080P over the LAN flawlessly and steams material from the internet (YouTube etc.) though that is slow in the condo.

Remote control is an app on the iPhone/iPad. Cool.

Using SSH from a laptop to log into the RPi running 1080p shows CPU utilization about 60-80% so there is a little headroom. 720p runs ~ 30%.

Works with AirPlay as well !

Have not previously used XBMC so having fun exploring that now.

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