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Don't buy from 2001 audio video

I purchased my dream TV.. 60" Samsung Plasma 3D TV... for $1400.00 + $400.00 for extended warranty. AT the store they told me the warranty covered ANYTHING.. falling off the all, getting soaked by water and we both laughed. I had the TV for 14 months and my wife called me in tears at work and said the kids were watching the TV and the TV has two cracks in it and wont' turn on. I came home to investigate and we ended up blaming our 18 month old boy for throwing his bottle at the TV. It had 2 cracks in it so we assumed that's what must have happened. Not sure how he could nail the TV twice but what else could have happened. We went to 2001 audio video and they said "physical damage" nothing they can do.

So I purchased the 60" TV Samsung again (not 3D Version for $1000.00)... we went home hooked it up and 7 days later I was watching the hockey game and poof the screen flashed and 2 cracks in the screen. I was so angry I got on the phone with 2001 audio video and they said "it's under warranty by Samsung still nothing they can do" <-- sound familiar... nothing they can do.

I contacted Samsung and after 2 months of yelling and screaming and posting on their facebook and twitter accounts they finally agreed to fix the TV. When the company came to repair it they looked at our other - original - broken 60" plasma and said that it looks like the screws were tightened too much inside or something like that but its' not physical damage because there is nothing wrong to the outside of the screen.

I got in touch with 2001 audio video and explained this and after 3 weeks they decided ... you guessed it ... there's nothing they can do! No replacement!

So please don't EVER purchase ANYTHING from them! EVER!!!!
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