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Disabling wifi transmission of a wireless router for certain times of the day

I've had a Linksys WRT54GS for six years running my home network of 3-6 computers and smartphones depending on how many of my teenagers are home. I figure it's time to upgrade to a new wifi router (and it seems N is the way to go these days). I will continue to have 3 wired connections in the study where the router sits. What I would like to do is disable the wifi for certain periods of the day, but still be able to use the wired ports for connection to Internet.

I looked at several threads, vendor sites, and for any detail on a wifi router feature that actually disables the wireless transmission. Can anyone confirm if there is such a router with a switch or config setting that allows wifi transmission to be turned off ?

I have added a simple device timer and have it set so the router is off and not transmitting all day - but then I also loose the wired ports when it's off.

I have Rogers Hi-Speed Express and last month they tried to get me to upgrade to their $199 "enhanced wifi modem" and told me that it was possible to turn off the wifi. It appears to be a CISCO DP 3825 router and modem device, that does have a menu to allow disabling of wireless. The device and price are more than I need so I would like to know if other wifi routers have a similar feature. A physical switch or button would be preferred to a login and menu item, but I'll take either.

Why am I doing this ? Well I'm not looking for a debate on whether non-ionizing EMR is truly harmful or not, but I am also trying to moderate my families constant exposure to EMR in the home. Disabling wireless transmission for the many hours that wifi is not required in the day is one step I want to take.

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