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Dr.Dave, I'm disappointed to hear there's no WiFi option (I'm used to having 2 TiVos (Series 2 DT) in one house, sometimes cabled and sometimes on a .11g wireless connection through the USB port. Sounds like the Bell PVR's USB connection doesn't serve any purpose?

Since the secondary Receiver is expecting a wired connection, has anyone experimented with a second router, connected to the Bell gateway by .11n and then offering a wired connection locally? The scenario I'm thinking of would have an HD Receiver where it wouldn't be practical to run ethernet cable. Originally I anticipated I could get a wireless adapter like TiVo's, but could I connect a second router/access point at the inconvenient location, then plug in the HD Receiver?

John769, interesting that it's buffering all those live streams. How much bandwidth does Fibe TV take at its max use?

betterthancable, does that mean you can't have an SD recording going on the PVR and an SD recording going on each of the 2 other boxes? Surely HD takes more bandwidth than SD? Mostly this would be watching HD, but it looks like a lot of stations are still in SD only. I know from a HD TiVo connected to Comcast in FL, a 30min HD show is about 3.5GB and a 30min SD show is about 0.5GB (misreported by the TiVo as 2.05GB but that's a bug).

Thanks again!
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