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Grant, I just read that MTS has 3 HD streams coming into your home, period. So you can't watch/record more than 3 things at once. (record 2 watch 1, watch 2 record 1 etc). The post also said that with third HD stream if you are using all three streams at once your 20mb internet would drop to about 12mbps DL. It is 35mb into your home with 15 for tv and phone but the new HD stream brings the 15 value higher. I did some calculations using the my bundle app on the MTS website and having more HD channels than Shaw gives me plus unlimited long distance anywhere, anytime in North America and 4 calling features would be $40 less a month for three months, $4 more for three months then $34 more after that. Should point out that these prices don't include MC or HBO (15.99 more) but it does include a pack called hollywood suite that looks pretty good and I could probably use my internet around the clock like the good old days! And I may already be on the other ship when you get there!!
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