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no - no FION avaiable where I am... maybe if I moved a few blocks over into the new development beside me

Does anyone have the Ultimate TV / Lightning 20 / basic phone bundle? If so, how are you liking it?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have heard that MTS dedicates 35MB service to the house that everything operates off of. 15MB for the TV /phone and 20MB for the internet. Is this accurate? As far as the Whole Home PVR setup... With 3 TV's all watching something, you can not record anything? Is that somehting that is going to change? Right now I have 3 TV's going in the house. 2 TV's have HD PVR's with 2 tuners in them. The third is running on an old SD reciever. That makes 5 "streams" that I have access to. Just curious as to how that all works with MTS. Some nights we are recording 2 channels and watching a recorded show on one TV alone because both tuners on that box are busy. That still leaves the 2 streams downstairs available and the SD reciever as well.

Thanks for the info provided already.


mrgordos, I'll let you know if I jump ship
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