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Rainey, Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the same answer since over a year ago. How long does it take for Vidéotron to negotiate for AMC?? All other providers offer it! Personally, I have no confidence in anything that Vidéotron says or promises e.g. Illico 2 was supposed to have multiroom capability in the Fall of 2012 according to what their VP said in May 2012. Now we get the standard response " We are working on it and will let you know when we have information" statement from their Facebook reps.

Luckily Bell just wired my street for Fibe a few weeks ago and as soon as they offer me the Fibe service, I am leaving Vidéotron (and this coming from an ex Expressvu customer who knows about their billing/cust service issues...). I cannot believe how far back Videotron is from Bell Fibe regarding the technology/features/ease of use of their equipment.

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