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Your story is exactly the same here. Thousands of dollars spent in equipment, during 13 years. I just moved from Shaw to Cogego, 1 month ago. Very glad! Picture is a lot better, more dynamic, less compression, no pixellisation, no drop outs, working perfect so far, and no signal loss due to the weather, many more HD channels. I have 3 receivers, i can record 6 shows at the same time and see them fron anywhere, i can control the receivers from anywhere by any portable phone or any internet station, and i can chose 30 channels one by one. I live in Shawinigan, PQ, maybe you don't have the same services in NS. One funny thing: the day I closed my services with Shaw, it was the quickest phone call I ever made with them: no waiting time, and the prep was the most kind and effective I ever had in all those years. Have a good move, you won't regret. (Sorry for my english).
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