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Been in the cell game for years.

Mitsubishi (analogue) -> Ericsson (analogue) -> Samsung (digital, clamshell) -> BlackBerry 8700 (refurb unlocked) -> Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Some fun comments on each:

Mitsubishi: Great phone for me but everyone else hated it and the store said it was a nightmare. :-)

Ericsson: Worked well. Didn't show "roam" like the Mitsubishi.

Samsung: XTG426 (if I remember correctly) Great phone at the time.

BlackBerry 8700: The thing just worked extremely well except the scroll wheel just got too gnarly to use...

Samsung Galaxy SIII: Very new to me, works very well. Software is the greatest limitation. Virtual keyboard needs a "TAB" key.... :-)


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