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I love that my iPhone just works, and works with the most up to date software. I got it two years ago, and I was able to load iOS6 the day it was available in a couple of taps. That said it's not perfect, but compared to my wife's Galaxy S2 (also two years old) that she has for work, the iPhone is far superior. The Galaxy is constantly crashing (good thing you can pull the battery!), has a terrible user interface that stutters and freezes, and cannot be upgraded to the new Andriod release (tried to upgrade it to a slightly newer release, but it was a nightmare of a process and then other things started going wrong like app updates stopped working with a package file error, wireless wouldn't connect and blah blah blah... anyway her IT support people couldn't figure out so did a factory reset back to previous version) . I find the Galaxy is very restricting because of all it's shortcommings. Literaly hunderds of hours have been spent supporting that phone.
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