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Originally Posted by tetzy View Post
A link in another thread pointed me here to ask (wish) for new features - if I'm here in error, my apologies...

My wish: My Wife, both of my Daughters and I each have a portal and a television for our private use (as well as a tv in the family room) and all of us add programs to the PVR. I'd like to see Folders added to the PVR list - one for each installed portal that would hold the programs recorded from each portal. This would clear up the God-awful-mess of programs that builds with multiple users.

I'd prefer allowing every user full use and control of every program in every folder, but I can't imagine password protection of folders would be a difficult addition either.

How do you stop each other from deleting a show after watching not knowing whether the rest of the family has seen it? Must be frustrating.
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