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Originally Posted by SkiBunny View Post
My Fibe remotes power on/off all 3 devices simultaneously (Fibe vip2262, Samsung TV, Yamaha amp) while in "Bell" mode.

The remote also controls the volume-up-down of my Yamaha receiver while in "Bell" mode (or in Aux mode).
This remote looks like the RHS one in your link (I am a brand new Fibe user with new equipment).

Here are the instructions for the NEW Fibe Vip2262 receiver take from its remote guide (not on the bell site).

- Press Bell key
- Press and hold Set Up until the mode key blinks twice
- Press Volume+ key
- Press the Aux key
- Note: The Aux key must already be programmed to control your sound system.
The instructions you gave are to control the volume for the AUX by pressing the volume +/- buttons.

I would like to know what you have done to control the POWER on/off to be done automatically on all 3 devices since my amp has to be manually turned on by pressing AUX then on/off.
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