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New Smart Phones are not good enough !!!

Today , I was going to just do it!,, upgrade my Quantico rugged Motorola for a Samsung Galaxy SIII . I want an up to date , modern device! My first handhold and real look at the SSGS3 told me instantly that it would be way to fragile for my business and lifestyle , and I backed out after looking online for available cases , otter , lifeproof , etc. there were none except for flowery skins and such.

Then I took a serious Look at iPhone5! ,, They are are quite a bit more "tough"because they have a lot more cases and waterproof stuff , but have almost the worst reception of all phones on MTS.

Check this link from Manila----

Untill the quality goes waaayy up I see that it will be next to impossible to keep any smart phone alive for 3 YEARS,,,and at the current rate ,why would you still want it after a year or so , its old news -- New phone-- $650 ~ !!! and its kinda made to FAIL so you have to upgrade and pay the Penalty for the contract and get into another 3 year deal ,,, and so the cycle continues........................
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