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What Get if Move 3G SIM 2 4G Phone MTS

I thought I'd post this question on behalf of a friend of mine. His situation:

He's 'off-contract' (expired) with MTS, has an older 3G phone and is starting to lust after a new SS Galaxy Note II BUT would (a) like to stay with MTS and (b) REALLY like to stay with/not have to give up the Really Sweet Unlimited Data plan that he currently has.

He has indicated to me that he would be prepared to BUY OUTRIGHT/PAY FULL PRICE for a NOTE II if necessary as one part of such a move if he could achieve that objective.

His question(s) are:

1. Could he simply go (e.g.) to Future Shop or Best Buy AND purchase from any of the (say) Big Three (Bell, Rogers, or Telus) a Note II at 'Full Retail' WITHOUT signing a Contract and then (simply) pop the sim card from his existing MTS 3G Phone into it and have it work with MTS? ALSO: would he then 'automatically' get any speed benefits from the fact that he would have a 4G Phone AND MTS has 4G (LTE) in Manitoba?

2. Something tells me that the above may not work, either because he either might NOT be able to buy the phone without at least getting it activated even if (e.g.) month to month OR any Note II that he might purchase through an outlet like BB or FS would 'already' be locked and would have to be unlocked before he could attempt to use his MTS Sim... True or False?

3. If TRUE, and assuming that his proposed sim card swap 'WOULD (Techically) WORK, would his only choice be to obtain an UNLOCKED Note II with the 'right' HW Specs to work with MTS' network? And, if so, what would he need to 'watch for' in terms of HW specs to ensure that the phone was compatible?

4. Assuming that he went through all this effort, would the fact that he would not have a 4G Phone on a 4G Network enable him to 'benefit' from 4G communications technology?

MTS does NOT offer either the SS S III OR the Note (I OR II). They do have plans to offer the S III in November BUT my friend is of the belief that that if he tries to go ANY other route to obtain (EITHER) a 4G Phone from MTS (even buy one outright, assuming you can, without a contract and are willing to pay Full Price AND, again, it looks like that would have to be an S III and not a Note II), he WILL have to 'lose' his current contract... Comment?

Anyway, hopefully 'you get my drift' as to what he would like to do. All suggestions for how to 'get there', assuming it's possible, are welcome.
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