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Good for you Spike enjoy your Surface! For what its worth, I use a Playbook and really like it (flash, activesync e-mail, stereo sound, radio app, fits in my pocket) and I use a BB Torch which I don't really like. I have used an iPad for about 5 months. I liked it too. The kids however used it a lot more than I did. Now that its gone, they use the PB but don't seem to enjoy it as much because of the lack of apps. (games) I am undecided for getting a Windows 8 tablet as of now, but I do plan on getting Windows 8 for two desktop PCs in the house. I am also considering flatting my Windows Home Server 2011 in favor of a Windows 8 "sudo" server for the house. Be sure to check out Xbox music on Windows 8 I have had a zune pass (now xbox music) since it launched in Canada.
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