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wide band yagi

I was in the same position as you had good luck ordering a 18dbi gain yagi for my rocket hub which was for 850 900mhz band rogers uses and bought of ebay with great results 10bm signal increase which is very good , although aws 1700/2100 different bird as with wind i bought a 10bi wide band yagi with white dome en closer (common on country roofs) but not good gain as it covers to wide of the cellular band 800-2100 ..found a guy that had good luck using a wifi grid antenna with the proper connections and conversion antennas are n-male cable lmr 400 with nfemale then to what ever your 3g device takes, so this 24dbi wifi gird antenna gave him a 2 bar increase a 4 miles..thats the best i have seen without a repeater involved so check google on external wif grid antenna for aws cellular.
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