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New Channel Coming Soon - Rewind: Movies Worth Watching...Again

Just noticed this on, this will be a new channel from Channel Zero and will replace Movieola on most providers as Movieola will be shifted to an online service.

"Rewind, on the other hand, will take Movieola’s place in most BDUs’ channel lineups that day and “is designed to appeal most strongly to Generation X, those born after the baby boom and throughout the seventies, who grew up in the eighties and became adults in the nineties,” he said. Think Animal House, Beverly Hills Cop and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, for example.

“They are entering their prime parenting and earning years right now and, the research tells us, they are the last great television generation. They are your subscribers, they have cable subscriptions with lots of television, your home phone and robust high speed internet packages. In short, they are a demographic that we want to keep in the cable ecosystem and, we believe, Rewind will help do just that,” added Millar."

Seems like this might be a good move for Channel Zero. I guess this is what they will be investing in with all the money they will get from Rogers for CJNT.
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