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IR Blaster with Expressvu 6131

I purchased a Colossus with hopes to broadcast my expressvu to multiple locations / remote locations. It works OK.

As for a PVR I'm so used to the 6131 that this setup is cumbersome and feels a bit archaic but it does work. I'm not really using it for the PVR function but I want to access my BELL PVR broadcast it with the ability to Fast Forward through commercials. Now my main issue here is the IR blaster.

1 I need to put in all the channels manually, or put in a range, which to make things simple I did 200 - 1600

now upon testing I went to the weather network which is interactive (I'm doing this remotely) now I'm stuck on the interactive channel and can't remotely turn off the receiver or exist out. More importantly I want to go into my PVR select a recording watch it and have he option of FF through commercials. The IR blaster seems limited can i do this? if I access my TV via http I only have the options of pausing or stopping. How can I achieve this?

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