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Help using a third-party router

Since I got Ultimate TV I have been using the built-in router of the gateway (wired and wireless connections). For the most part it works great but I find I get timeouts transferring large number of files to my NAS.

So today I picked up a WD My Net N900 and hooked it up. I put the N900 in the DMZ for the gateway and for the most part it worked. However, I found that my wireless would cut out after a while and I could not access the internet, though I could continue to download torrents. To resolve this I would have to reboot the router.

I also had some issues with my STB in the bedroom. The STB is connected to the WD Livewire, which also has a WD TV Live connected to the same Livewire. When the matching Livewire was plugged into the N900 I could access my NAS and get Netflix on the WD TV, as well as watch live TV on the STB. However, I could not access recorded programs on the STB. When I plugged the Livewire into the gateway I could then access recorded programs but had issues with Netflix and accessing the NAS from the WD TV Live. I eventually plugged the Livewire into the gateway and the N900, but then Netflix seemed to fail, though accessing the NAS and recorded shows seemed okay.

I returned the N900 today as I'm pretty sure the dropping of the wireless was a problem with the router as I still had access to the network and could access the gateway by IP, just not the internet.

I know people use routers different than the gateway so I'm curious how other people configure the gateway to work with their router and if it just works worry-free. I realize my use of the Livewire is probably a bit unique from everyone else, but if anyone had any suggestions on just getting a router to work that would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to offer.

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