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My install happened yesterday (Friday).

Everything went well enough. 3 TV setup was done in an hour and a half. No complications arose. I have all channels. Program guide did take a few hours to populate. I do like the new remotes. They control a few brands of TVs right away, which was causing the tech problems with my Samsung TVs. (They would keep shutting off when he was cycling power to the Pace boxes.)

The tech picked up on the fact I knew more about the equipment than he did. He said he and his co-workers had a 20 minute meeting about how to do the WHDVR installs. In fact, he had a co-worker show up to see how he had done it.

I do like the mDVR function so far. There are a few things that I noticed that are different than the conventional DVR unit.

There is a slight lag in pausing live TV. Not a biggie, I will get used to it. Also, he put the NAS unit on top of one of the cable boxes. I am not sure this is a great idea because it may cause heat issues. I am going to move it to the side of the cable box. Also, the NAS front lights are very bright green. Once again, I will deal with it, and likely not notice them soon. However, now that I know how the install goes, I should have had him put the unit in the office where the cable is coming into the house. There's no need for it to be close to a TV anyway.

I also have to say, I was very disappointed that there isn't a more up to date interface in the Cogeco software for these Pace boxes. I know I shouldn't be surprised. How hard is it to give us a proper UI that doesn't look like it came from 2002? Oh's the same UI from 2002! And it looked old then. Crap.

But other than those quibbles, the function of it is working very well. So far so good.
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