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Well the tech came today at 3:10PM and he had the equipment for my 2 TV Solution. It was the same tech who did my TV install on August 2nd. I was the tech who was scheduled to do my install on Sunday. Anyhow, after having to leave once to get an amplifier and 2 hours for the install, everything is up and running with no problems. I love the new remote as the button layout is similar to the PVR remote that Bell uses. I also received a call from the Area Manager to apologize about everything and said to me that he is going to look into the outside problems at the pedestal that I am still having. I needed the amplifier inside my house because the low signal on the outside Pedestal. I got told everything will be fixed and my line burial will be done in 2 weeks as well. Overall, with the credits and the Area Manager apologizing to me, I am pleased with the MAKE IT RIGHT that Cogeco has been doing!
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