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New Feature Suggestion

I understand that this is the place for suggesting new features for the Gateway devices. So here's a couple of mine. If anyone knows a way to currently get the same functionality on the Gateway units please let me know.

There were two features on my old PVR that I miss dearly:

1) Manual recordings - I mean here the ability to create or edit a scheduled recording where I can specify the channel, start time, end time, and the frequency (once, daily, weekly, Monday - Friday). This is required in so many different scenarios:
You need to add more than 90 minutes extra (playoff hockey can easily go longer than 90 minutes).

You want to record a specific program on a specific channel at a specific time and you want this to repeat indefinitely. My kids and I like to watch the animated Star Wars the Clone Wars. The new episodes air on Teletoon Fridays at 8:30pm, however Teletoon often plays old episodes just before and after the new episode and the episodes are often mislabeled causing the wrong time slot to appear as the new episode. I don't need the PVR to be “smart” here and record the wrong thing, I know when the program airs.

During the Olympics I often knew what channel was going to show an event I wanted, but it couldn't be determined exactly what time or for how long the particular event would broadcast. The easy way is to set a manual timer on that channel that spans the whole period that might show the event (say 8:00 am to 3:00 pm). The current way requires me to record a bunch of slots in the guide back to back. This is not only very time consuming to setup, but since each of the time slots had a different tittle and description in the guide, it ended up in the PVR list completely disorganized.

With many sporting events you may know exactly when the event is playing even though the guide doesn't (or couldn't) know. For example TSN adds a Milos Raonic tennis match at the last minute (this has happened a few times), or how about the US Open final being moved from to Sunday to Monday at the last minute.
These are just a few examples of why manual timers are needed (I seem to consonantly find more).

2) Use the number keys to jump a specific number of minutes forward or back. On my previous PVR you could press the number 5 key and '5' would show on the screen, press the skip ahead (or back) key and you jumped ahead (or back) 5 minutes, the '5' then cleared from the screen and the skip ahead/back keys worked "normally" again.
This is great to skip commercials when you know a channel is using a set commercial break time of say 2 or 3 minutes.

If you are watching a sporting event and you know the intermission is 20 minutes long you press '2', '0', skip ahead and your there.

I find this much better than using fast forward or rewind in most cases because I can basically do a quick search with a few jumps to find exactly what I want in a long program. Jump ahead 30 minutes. Too far? Jump back 15 minutes. Not there yet? Jump ahead 10 minutes. Still a bit too far? Jump back five minutes and you're pretty much where you want to be.

If you're trying to back a program up by say 5 minutes for someone who just joined you, they don't want to have that five minutes spoiled by watching the program in high speed rewind.
Give me more options and I will find a way to solve problems myself. Try to rely solely on the "smarts" of your programming and you will eventually manage to aggravate everybody.
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