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I'm not sure where you're getting your information Colin... or if you're just making it up on the spot.

There are 2 provider networks in Saskatchewan:
Rogers... which is 3g & edge... and really only serves the cities and has zero rural coverage.
and Sasktel.

Up until about 1 - 2 years ago Sasktel had (and continues to have) 1x coverage across most of the province, and EVDO Rev A in major centres.

I say up until 1 - 2 years ago because now they have also launched their "4g" network (HSPA+) and it's coverage is pretty much the same as their 1x coverage.

Data roaming might be ridiculous expensive, you might be better off unlocking your phone and getting a prepaid Sasktel sim card. I know someone who does a lot of international travel... and an unlocked phone is pretty much the only way to go (unless you don't mind paying over $1 / minute for voice... and paying outrageous rates for data. )

A Telus or Bell prepaid sim would also be acceptable, as they have the same coverage as sasktel (They use the Sasktel network)

As for unlocking your phone... check ebay. Depending on the model of phone it can likely be done for $5 to $10.
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