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Does Nokia still even have access to Tizen, or would they need to license it from Samsung?
Meego lives on as Tizen using Samsung's own improvements, but also the original Intel-Nokia Meego lives on with a Finnish startup that just signed a big sales deal with a Chinese carrier. As Tomi Ahonen pointed out, Meego was in very strong demand from carriers there. What a colossal market to get into. So yes, Meego lives on. Meltemi could be cranked up quite fast. Unfortunately many great employees are no longer with Nokia thanks to the WP/Lumia adoption, so it remains to be seen how or whether Nokia could spend its way out of the present disaster. The options are:
  • Keep going in the same direction under Elop with Windows Phone
  • Cancel some or all of the Lumia and WP projects
  • Establish or re-establish Meego or other OS as base platform for QT tookit
  • Exit the mobile phone business
  • Become the object of a corporate purchase or takeover
  • Die away completely

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