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Well surprise surprise, today my speed went back to the normal 5.0 mbps across the board (zero fluctuation). You know i really hate to badmouth anybody on the internet but i was at the end of myrope and i was hoping some MTS person might be reading my message and decide to do something about it. Whether it had anything to do with it or not i am happy to say for the first time in about 3 months i have my normal speed back, This proves to me what i have felt from day 1 , MTS has the ability and will throttle your internet speed based on your connection and or modem capabilities at that given time. I just feel sorry for all the poor schmucks that dont run a DL meter and dont realize they are being ripped off of bandwidth without knowing it. For myself i will always run a utility such as DUmeter to see what is going on. Thanks for all your help guys. Nitro
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