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Still the same

Thanks macman, mbhydro and dr. dave,
I had them come out and check the lines, they left a note on my door saying the problem in inside the residence. For the last month i have been fluctuating between zero and 4 mbps and had to reboot my modem every 10 minutes or so because of disconnects. It is a super old speedstream 4200 siemens modem. So i i figured the modem is toast and went and picked up a new one today. The actiontec i just hooked up is stable but my speed is a consistent 2.0 mbps across the board. I use DUmeter and when i see a straight line like that on the graph i know it is limited from the source at that speed. Called tech support several times and told them about how apparently their system automatically drops your speed when often disconnects and asked them to set it back. The guy told me he never heard of it, but i told him i was told that by no less than 5 tech suppost people and their boss. Again he put me down for a service call if it doesnt get fixed soon but as of now i have a graph on dumeter that hasnt budged from 2.0 mbps download is 3 hours! Hasnt even moved .1 of a mb.
What really frustrates me more than anything is i cant recieve incoming calls on my voip i can only dial out, and MTS seems to be in no hurry to fix this.
This is the problem when you have a monopoly, crappy customer service, if there were more isps this problem would be fixed long ago, this is the way the world is going now unfortunately.
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