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Lumia is now a burning platform

Originally Posted by audacity
I don't see Nokia Lumia 900 phones getting WP7.8 being a significant deal-breaker when it comes to trying to attract new customers to the platform.
If you look at it from the manufacturers' perspective, they've invested time, effort, and $$$ to develop a platform that MS has now declared to be "burning" (to use Elop's wording).

For developers of apps, a simple calculus is whether the expense of writing/porting their products to a dead end product is worth it. Given the market numbers we have been seeing, it is clearly not.

Now look at it from the carriers' viewpoint: after all the megabucks spent on marketing Lumia it still does not sell, so this announcement only cripples a crippled platform further.

If you accept that consumers quickly heard about the Symbian OS being a dead end and thus stopped buying Nokia phones worldwide as a reaction, then it logically follows that those same consumers who are so keen at smelling the smoke of a burning platform and shunning it will see that the Lumia line of WP7 phones is now saddled with the reputation of being a dead end too.

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