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Angry Osborne Effect

Originally Posted by audacity
I can see recent Windows Phone purchasers being upset by not having access to WP8.
How about manufacturers too?!!! This is a knee-capping of HTC, but mostly Nokia after all the damage that has already been done by former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop, who will now tell everyone to "wait just a bit longer... wait just a bit longer... it will all work out... trust me." For Nokia this is Elop's second Osborne Effect moment after his infamous "burning platform" speech that started the destruction. Now his own solution is burning too.

So, the lesson for consumers is that WP7 is a dead end and the manufacturer of WP8 makes these kinds of decisions on a whim so you'd better be very suspicious.

The lesson for manufacturers is that if you build WP8 devices your bottom line is of no concern to the software maker.

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