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The touchpad running ICS is far from perfect. I just sold mine because of some of the issues with ICS. I bought a galaxy tab with the money.
Battery life was the main issue for me along with random reboots and the screen would come on by itself sometimes. The camera doesn't work either. Wifi is pretty flaky, works great at my house but hit or miss when I travel.
A used touchpad will run you about $175, for another $100 you can get something better.
I still have 3 touchpads, they're great for my kids and at the fire sale price a year ago they were a steal.
I sold my touchpad for $150 and bought a new galaxy tab 10.1 for $300 and it was worth spending the difference, it,s a much better tablet and the battery lasts forever.
If you own a touchpad, in my opinion, now is the time to sell. You'll get your money back now but I think they'll depreciate pretty rapidly with the new tablets being released this summer.
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