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The new Maps is far less enticing to those of us who already own TomTom on the iPhone.

FYI, I have a navigation app on my Android tablet that also uses the TomTom maps. That app is pretty brain dead - it often misses shorter routes, and seems to be missing streets.

Last weekend in Owen Sound, I used both my iPhone and my tablet to see what route to take from the farm we were at, to Harrison Park - and the iPhone's route was shorter, faster, and used a street that the Android app did not seem to know about.

Therefore, an app that uses TomTom maps is not necessarily better. Getting updates to the maps, and having a good routing engine, are just as important.

My conclusion is that Apple will work the TomTom angle on their navigation app, but that does not guarantee that it will be any better than the app it replaces.....
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