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I had worst online purchase ever with Henry’s. Even though I had no experience with them before my first deal with them is the last one for sure. I really thought they are most professional photography store in Canada but if you read my story you will agree this is wrong.
I bought an open box camcorder from Henry’s few days ago and I received the item after two days in a cookie box!!! They put the camcorder box in a cookie box! Is it what you expect from a professional?
After first shock when I opened the box I tried to charge the battery but surprisingly it wasn’t work at all. I couldn’t believe that they haven’t checked the camera before sending to customer.
After that I sent an email to customer service and explained the problem and complain about their service. Next day they replied they just mentioned that if I don’t want the camera I can return it to them. Not even a simple apology!!!
So I went to their Brampton location to return it. After about 20 minutes waiting, when I explained why I want to return it and I asked them for explanation, the lady there told me that it is not her fault and it is normal for open box item to have problem!! And she did not bother to just simply apologize for their terrible service. After all of these they told me shipping cost cannot be refunded even it is all their fault!!
Finally after some discussion they refunded me in full but how can you forget this disastrous customer care.
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