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I don't understand the comments about Herschel's "bottomless shotgun".

He had to stop and reload several times - about the only comment that might be appropriate is how he could have so many shotgun shells in his pockets - and about how the pockets never bulged despite of the huge number of shells he pulled out.

In fact, the zombies were getting closer and closer to Herschel because he had to stop and reload. That is why he had to run at the end.

I can understand the issue about perfect headshots - that is just very bad/lazy script writing. With a handgun at just moderate distance under ideal circumstances, a headshop is very difficult even for the best marksman. The way they were presented in the show was just plain stupid.

However, with that shotgun, getting hit anywhere would put most humans down. It should put a zombie down as well, with limited ability to get up due to damage. Might not kill them, but put them down for sure.
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