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Tell us in one post which HDTV you bought and why, Read Post 1

The purpose of this thread is for members to briefly tell us what HDTV they bought and why in order to help others in their purchasing decision. (comes from this reader suggestion)

If you've bought an HDTV recently (last 3 or 4 months) then in this thread tell us:
  • What HDTV you bought
  • When you bought it
  • What other HDTV's you considered
  • Why you bought the set you did
  • Likes and Dislikes
Before Posting please note:

This thread is strictly for new HDTV owners to tell us what they bought and why. One post per member please!

This thread is not meant to be a discussion thread. If you'd like to discuss a particular set or technology please use existing threads and if you want to discuss, best deals, please see the HDTV deals forum and please, as per the rules of the forum - no retail links! (manufacturer links are perfectly acceptable)

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Bought Two

At Christmas I picked up a Tosiba 42HL57 (720p) for my wife, mostly because of the price point (under $1000). This is the TV set up in the living room and is used the most in the house and is hooked up to a Bell HD PVR and an old SD Toshiba DVD/VHS combo player. I've always had good luck with Toshiba's which was another reason. Pretty happy with this TV as a stand alone unit ie: no surround sound hooked up.

At the end of Feb also picked up a Epson Home Cinema 1080 front Projector for the basement. This is set up with a fixed screen and the full surround sound treatment. Mostly used for movies and the odd hockey game or NASCAR race. Hooked up to a different Bell HD PVR. Extremely happy with this purchase and am already using it more than originally envisioned.
A friend of mine has a Costco 'All In One' package which impressed me until I started thinking It may be better to upgrade some of the components, especially the screen. I looked at a couple of retailers for the Panasonic and Sony projectors but it kind of pissed me off how high there pricing was compared to their counterparts just south of the border so I ended up going with the Epson through a Canadian Internet retailer.

Sorry if it got a bit long.

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What HDTV you bought:
Panasonic TH-42PZ85

When you bought it:
April 3, 2008

What other HDTV's you considered:
Sony Bravia

Why you bought the set you did:
I decided to buy a plasma vs lcd. Panasonic plasma's reputation. PQ. New 2008 model. Price.

Likes and Dislikes:
The picture quality is fantastic - clear and sharp.
Dislikes? None, really.
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Just before Christmas we retired our old cathode ray tube television, a 27" Sony KV-2781R that was built over 21 years ago in May 1986. It was still running strong (much better than our old Panasonic) but because this year was my big "four-oh", my wife decided to mark the occasion with a new flat-panel TV.

I went through a very thorough decision process choosing a new TV. I already have a 37" LCD in the bedroom and was looking for a 50"+ for our living room. I was sure that I wanted a plasma, until I did more thinking about what my actual needs were.

Reasons why I wanted Plasma first:
- deep black levels
- vibrant colours
- wide viewing angle
- cheaper than flat panel LCD

Reasons why I changed my mind about Plasma:
- 50" was too small, 58" was too big--nothing in between
- potential reflections on screen (lots of lights in our great room/kitchen)
- going to connect Wii: possible burn-in risk (minimal, but don't want risk)
- not as bright as LCD (lots of windows in the room)

Reasons why I finally chose flat-panel LCD:
- larger screen sizes available
- brighter screen than Plasma--good for daylight viewing
- less reflections on screen
- viewing angle very good
- many 1080p models available
- no burn-in risk for Wii
- sale price cheaper than 1080p plasma

I ended up buying a 52" Bravia KDL-52W3000 that I'm very happy with.

If I had to do it again? I'd go even bigger!

RE Edit: Hugh, those links were to my personal blog where I'd written additional info about my decision process.

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Samsung HLT5687sax (LED DLP Rear Projection)

3 weeks ago roughly,

Others considered:
Sony's line of RP's and Panasonic's Lifi models after I decided I would be taking the RP route.


I bought this unit because I wanted at least a 56" set. Price played a big part in my decision making process. Big price difference between an RP unit vs plasma or led at that size... also life of the led light engine vs bulbs... and gaming burn in as well.
I looked around for a sony rp as they received great reviews on the net. However, Sony I take it has gotten out of the market and the type I was interested in was not available in Canada.
So sorry sony ... you lost out on my money.
I saw the samsung next to a 50" panny lifi and the picture looked better so I bought it even though it was more then I had hoped to spend.

Likes and Dislikes:

I like the look of the unit. I have a small bowing issue at the top of my screen but I hope to have that resolved as samsung is aware and I have a tech coming in a few days to see what can be done.
I like the inputs on this set , 3 hdmi, usb, pc.
I'd like to see an ethernet hookup though.
PQ is great otherwise, now that I've figured out how everything works.

Overall I'm a happy HT camper.
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What - RCA L19WD20

Why - I needed a basic television. I don't watch Hi-Def cable very much, as there are basically no channels to choose from. I just play Playstation in Hi-Def.

When - 1 year ago.

Pros - Small size means easy to carry around and fits anywhere. Multiple HD inputs, such as component, DVI, and HDMI. Doubles as a PC monitor.

Cons - Tinny speakers, did not include HDMI cable, and remote is a bit confusing. (But this could be my fault, as all the new TV's are turning digital.

Overall a good TV set, if you don't mind 20".

Dynex 32 inch LCD / Panasonic 1000-watt HT / Apple TV 160GB / Motorola SD digital box / PS3 500GB / Eee Box B202 500GB
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What HDTV you bought:

When you bought it:
December 27th 2007

What other HDTV's you considered:
various Toshibas, Sharps, Samsungs

Why you buy the set you did:
I had read great things regarding this model. I had a neigbour who owns last years model, and I found the picture quailty (both SD & HD) extremely good. Two year warranty is a nice touch

Likes and Dislikes:
The quality of the picture is great. I have heard people mention that they find it a bit washed out or blurry, however, I spent a great deal of time callibrating it. I don't see that, and I am very satisfied
No real dislikes. It is not the top of the line, so there are other tv.s out there that are better i suppose, but that will always be the case.
Dislikes? None, really.
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What: Panasonic 42PX75 from FS
When October 2007
Others: Sharp LC42D64

Over then summer I picked out some HDTVs that had good reviews, narrowed it down to Panasonic and Sharp and waited for the prices to reach a point that I would pull the trigger. I bought the full package -- a Toshiba A3 (HD-DVD) and a StarChoice HD PVR (I already had an AVR). I went with 42" because that's the right size for the space. I never considered rear projection because the image brightness drops off as soon as you're off-axis and that just bothers me.

Random Comments:
- I don't like the long long startup times for the TV. I understand it takes time to warm up the plasma but it doesn't accept commands (like changing inputs) either. That messes up the Harmony remote.

- The room is all windows (north facing) but glare isn't an issue. At least it's no worse than the previous Sony 27" TV. Who watches TV in the day anyway?

- I only watch broadcast HD or disks so I'm not concerned about burn-in.

- I'm like a zoom mode for movies that zooms just enough to remove the bars top and bottom (and trims a little from the sides). You can manually adjust the zoom; it just won't do it for you.

- I haven't used the speakers in a TV in 20 years so I have no comments on the audio quality.

- The piano finish is really nice but there's no kids to touch the screen or bezel. Other than wiping off dust it never gets touched.
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# What HDTV you bought
Sony KDL-52W3000

# When you bought it
First Week of March 2008

# What other HDTV's you considered
Sony 46XBR4
Sony KDL-46W3000

# Why you bought the set you did

3 HDMI inputs, VGA Input. Good SD performance.

Was going to get the 46" Sony W4000 along with an HTIB. Decided to drop the HTIB and upgrade to either the 46XBR or the 52W3000. Size won.

# Likes
-Nice design.
-Beautiful and Bright Picture.
-Outstanding SD playback.
-Excellent menu system.
-P&P and PinP is VERY useful.

# Dislikes
-Buttons on TV are on the top of the unit. Also awkward for such a large TV. Completely unusable if TV is wall mounted.

-Dimming functionality when screen is dark/inactive. Used to prevent or reduce the effects of clouding even though I haven't noticed any clouding at all. On the other hand, it might save me a dollar a month in electricity.

-Blacks aren't as superblack as I would like. The dimming might have something to do with that perception.

-Menu System is slow.... compared to the PS3.

-TV takes about 5-10 seconds to power up before you can access the menu after turning it on.

-I'm just nitpicking.
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What - Sony KDL40W3000

When - March

Others Considered - everything in the 37-42" size range (space limitation)

Why This one?

- no burn in concerns
- 1080P
- Headphone jack
- 1080P via PC port (potential future use)
- Previous experience setting up hundreds of HDTVs
- liked the price/performance point.
- Considered the XBR4, but it wasn't worth the extra money (25% more) to me - this is a second TV, mostly for my wife's occasional use, replaced a 27" CRT.

Likes - Not much not to like, especially as a second TV


- Would have preferred a darker bezel, but it's OK, the room is bright in the daytime, but most of the viewing is in the evening.
- Like many LCDs, it interferes with the SA3250HD remote for a few seconds after the TV turns on. After that, everything's fine.

57's Home Theatre (Latest equipment & photos)
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What HDTV you bought:
Pioneer KURO PDP 6010 FD ( 60" Plasma)

When you bought it:
Dec, 2007

What other HDTV's you considered:
Panasonic 58" PZ series

Why you bought the set you did:
I decided to buy this plasma vs Panasonic because of the overall PQ. (on side by side comparison no matter how I tweaked the Panasonic it could never come close to the Pioneer.)

The EXCELLENT picture quality....(1080i/1080P)
True 1080p/24, with function of 72 hz/ 3:3 pulldown
Great menu system
Loaded with up-to date features ( PIP, 4 HDMI, RS 232, USB, etc....)
Gorgeous asthetics
Ease of menu navigation
BD movies, like you've never experienced!!
Function buttons actually produce visible results ( DNR , Mosquito NR etc)

Heavy to set up.... need 2 people to wall mount.
A slight buzz is heard, if you are listening for it (at dead silence in room)
Pricey compared to others in same class.... MSRP $7,500.00, could be had for less.



Pioneer Kuro 60", Integra DHC 80.3, Parasound Halo A51, Oppo 93, ELAC FS247's, Velodyne SPLR1000.
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What HDTV you bought:
Sony KDL 40-S2400

When you bought it:
March 2007

What other HDTV's you considered:
Samsung and Toshiba

Why you bought the set you did:
I thought the Samsung and Sonys looked the same, but I didn't like the piano black finished (very bright room and lots of glare) and I got a better price on the Sony. I sit too far back to appreciate 1080p

HD Quality is very good
DVD look Great
No connection issues yet
good SD looks very good
light! could carry it with one hand

poor SD channels look terrible
not 1080p
one HDMI input
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What HDTV you bought
Toshiba 37CV510U

When you bought it
Saturday, April 12, 2008

What other HDTV's you considered
Panasonic, LG, Sanyo

Why you bought the set you did
Looked better than the average 720P set, had all the I/O's i need and a good Built-In tuner. Meant it to be a cost saver bedroom TV.

Likes and Dislikes
Good Quality HD signals gook great!! (after i turned off default torch 'sports' mode)
SD is worse, blurrr, viewing angle is not near as good as advertised.
the remote is really useless, fortunalely i have an EVu remote and a Harmony remote.

Samsung TV, Pio-Elite AVR, OppoBD, Wharfedale Speakers, Kicker/Crown Subs, DB-4e OTA:)
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What HDTV you bought:
I bought Panasonic Plasma TH-50PX77U.

When you bought it
December 2007.
What other HDTV's you considered
I considered Samsung 52' LCD.
Why you bought the set you did
I bought Panasonic plasma over Samsung LCD due to superior refresh rate and color reproduction though it is only 780P. Better price.
Likes and Dislikes
Panasonic picture quality. Dislikes: No PC connectivity.
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What HDTV you bought:
Samsung LNT3251D - 32 inch LCD

When you bought it:
December 2006

What other HDTV's you considered:
Sony S3000 (tested at home and returned), Sharp's 32 & 40 inch models

Why you bought the set you did:
Liked the Sony brand, but SD channels looked terrible
The best looking TV I've ever seen while on AND off.
Potential bedroom TV size.
Employee discount (25% off the sale price)
No burn-in (it was still somewhat of an issue at the time of purchase)
Less power consumption compared to plasma sets
PC connectivity via VGA (now that I have a HTPC with DVI, HDMI works too)

Likes and Dislikes:
ATSC, HD Cable, PS3 games, Bluray, DVD, and even SD cable channels look great on this TV.
Great design that never gets old (to me, at least)
Included swivel stand is very handy.
Overall, I love my Samsung and I'd stick with them with my next purchase
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