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Originally Posted by mrvanwinkles View Post
Good thing the ISP themselves - put some limits on people's usage and speed.

Good thing the ISP applys some good "network management" of their own, on a client by client basis - otherwise who knows where we'd be in society.
I vehemently disagree with these statemements and I would bet that most Internet users in Canada would agree with me - hence the uproar over UBB a year ago. The monthly data caps and aggressive traffic shaping on the part of ISPs is not done for a societal good it is done to prevent the business model of ISPs from being disintermediated by internet delivery of media content. Other countries that don't have these limits don't have problems and some ISPs in Canada have moved away from these actions - Bell Canada is getting rid of traffic shaping.

You should really get off of is "societal good" line of thinking as I don't think you really understand the issue in depth.

By the way, did you know that you could use utilities like Wireshark to "peek" into his network traffic?
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