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ScaryBob, in an earlier post, has mentioned something very important.

Thank you ScaryBob for this advice:

"Possible legal ramifications" for the internet account holder - if the individual using the internet, is doing anything illegal with their internet usage.

I felt it my responsibility to mention this to the owner.

Again ... the owner is concerned. With justification I believe.

We do not wish to invade the privacy of the individual or snoop. No.

But we have no real way of actually knowing what the high usage is.
It continues to be of great concern.

Based on the "other" things that are happening, the level of trust and confidence with the individual is starting to go down, and come into question.

I do not wish to discuss what those "other" things are. It would not be appropriate. Also, not "on topic" with the discussion of internet usage here in this thread.

I think this is a good thread - we are discussing some important issues.
Relevent for others.

Aside from the large usage and cost issue ...
Having a home net and sharing the internet is a difficult thing - esp. with an individual or "friend" ...where trust and confidence may become an issue.

Thank you.

All concerns seem valid.
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