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post #16 of 37 (permalink) Old 2010-09-23, 02:00 AM
Join Date: Sep 2010
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There seems to be a common theme here. Sears is overpriced, even during "sales". I used to buy from them quite a bit, mainly tools and mainly only during sales or markdowns. Sears is an odd mix of quality with value, and junk with rip off. For example, I used to require white shirts for work and sears sold a great cotton shirt, well made thick cotton for about $20 and I was happy for it. Need shoes though and its a different story. Cheap vinyl construction for designer leather prices. I actually found the exact same shoe in a payless shoes at the same mall for half the price and it wasn't on sale. Not that it mattered, I stopped buying plastic shoes when I was 8, but I was dismayed that I even found them in a Sears let alone at twice the price.
Sears seemingly depends on the older generation for their sales now, people who shop based upon old habits not dieing. I often go in , but rarley buy now.
Even tools, like screwdrivers or wrenches. I switched those purchases to Canadian Tire unless there's a sale. I get the same warranty, better quality and a lower price. Whats more, if I had a broken ratchet wrench, I was given parts and told to fix it myself, if they had them in stock. If the parts wern't in stock i would be told to come back next week which usually translated to going to Canuck rubber and just buying a new one because at Sears next week never comes.
to break it down:
Sears has a lot of stuff and their own credit card.
Sears has a lot of stuff that everyone else sells for less and a credit card with interest rates that make you feel like you just spent a year in prison wearing a miniskirt and no underwear.

The scariest thing is that I see so many retired people shopping there without a second thought. Wake up people, this ain't the Sears of the 50's, 60's or even the seventies. The quality went down but not the prices.
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post #17 of 37 (permalink) Old 2012-05-20, 07:24 AM
Join Date: Jul 2009
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I 100% agree with the above statement. It isn't the good old Sears it use to be. It is overpriced like always, but the quality and customer service is way down.

Ordered few items from Sears online in early March. They were to be delivered to Sears outlet by March 19, but to this day I am still waiting for my order. I called them at the end of March, I was told it will take another week.
No email notification or phone call that the items will be on back order or undeliverable. Extremely poor customer service.
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post #18 of 37 (permalink) Old 2012-11-03, 02:37 PM
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Thumbs down Customer Service

There is a long history of issues dealing with product delivery and getting service parts.

Quick history:
It took 3 years and a few attempts to correct our mailing address, and to this day, I'm still not sure its correct.
They delivered $3000 worth furniture to the incorrect address they had on file a few years back, during this 3 year period of trying to get them to correct the address.

We are the unfortunate owners of a Kenmore HE4 dryer, with a very poor service record, and which clearly has a design flaw. The electronic controls keep failing. That info can be found all over the internet. I attempted to resolve the issue with the Sears retail location (on hwy 27, in west Toronto )which originally sold us the $800 dryer. The issue was never resolved. We struggle with the worthless dryer to this day.

October 2012: "Just vacuum bags..."
We have a $600 Kenmore HEPA vac that is about 10 years old. It was the top of the line model at the time. The unit I think is built by Panasonic, and it runs very well.
Last month, I walked into the Orangeville Sears appliance showroom and catalog store. I figured they might by chance have the specified HEPA vacuum bags for our unit at that location as they have a few display models. I thought is was reasonable to expect that if they did not have any stock on hand, then I can place an order right there for pickup in a few days.

I brought the bag model and vac model numbers with me.
After some confusion by the person serving me of what I was looking for, and looking at two different computers, he hands me a slip of paper with phone number on it, and says to call them.
I suggested that since I'm here now, that perhaps he can place the order for me since we were standing at the order counter.
After going to 3 different computers this time, the stated the bags should be in on the 24th. of October.

I returned on Oct. 24th. It was very busy in the store, and it was understaffed. After waiting 15 minutes and over hearing the sales person on the phone dealing with a complaint, no bags. They stated they will be in on Oct. 31st.
I was not surprised at this, but no big deal. I asked if they would call when they are in, and they stated they would.
They left a message a few days ago, that they are in, and ready for pickup.
I returned to the Orangeville location today, and the vacuum bags were in fact not in. They were sent to the wrong location. I stated my displeasure at their operation and cancelled the order. Now I need to drive to Brampton to get these bags.

I don't like complaining about any one location, but their information systems don't seem to be setup properly, the staff are poorly trained, and nobody seems to care. Maybe they are on commission, and a $40 order is not worth the effort.

All I can say is beware. I would not have the confidence to drop a grand ($1000) and expect service parts on any major appliances or electronics in the future.

It looks like I have plenty of company the the "extremely dissatisfied" category.
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post #19 of 37 (permalink) Old 2012-11-03, 03:27 PM
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A few weeks ago, I got so fed up with the local store that I cut up my Sears card and gave the pieces to the clerk. So, thanks to their current poor service and product selection, they lost a customer who had and used a Sears card for about 40 years.
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post #20 of 37 (permalink) Old 2012-11-04, 01:19 AM
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Finally received my March order in June. The item was delivered to local dry cleaner Sears counter in few weeks from the order date, but they misplaced it and could not find it until June. Very poor costumer service from once reputable company.
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post #21 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-14, 04:49 PM
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Since posting the above post I ordered twice from Sears. This is the latest:
I ordered from Sears Canada Online Kenmore 50 pint dehumidifier. Received email and voicemail confirmation that the product will be delivered on November 28, 2014 between 8a.m. and 6p.m. I waited all day but the product was not delivered. I called Sears customer service, the delivery was rescheduled for December 3 between 10:30a.m. and 12:30p.m. The delivery was an hour late but it finally arrived. Upon opening of the box, I noticed that the unit was previously opened and re-taped. The nylon packing straps that wrap the box were cut and placed inside the box. The unit looked new, perhaps it was a floor model, but I paid for a brand new unit. So far it is working fine. I gave negative customer survey. They called me few days ago. I thought it was about the survey, but it was only to sell me extended warranty. Extremely poor customer service. If it continues they will lay off more people and finally close. Sadly, nobody will cry.
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post #22 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-15, 03:45 PM
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Similar experiences here. I've received several defective products that were obviously repackaged returns. It looked like they just send the defective returns out to see if someone else would keep them. I've also received a number of products that were of lower quality than the description and price point led me to believe. Since they started charging delivery to their local depots, I haven't purchased a single item from Sears. At one time, Sears products were of higher than average quality and came with better than average service. That no longer appears to be the case.
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post #23 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-16, 05:11 PM
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I've been getting the run around from Sears Canada for a few weeks now in regards to a broken floor brush on one of their vacuums. 5 year warranty and it is less than 6 months old. The local order office can't do anything as they are only agents and all of the people that I talk to at Sears speak English but obviously don't understand English. I was a longtime Sears customer but the hassles over obtaining a replacement part under warranty have ensured that I'll never shop there again.
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post #24 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-17, 12:11 AM
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Location: Oshawa
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At one time Sears was good. Went to pick up a blu ray player on sale. They only had the demo model, they would not sell me. Sale was over in a couple of days. They would not even let me order by catalouge. It would be in the day after the sale. I was willing to pay in advance. I was at the store two days before the sale was over! GRRR!!! I also could not find a sales person? When I did see someone who was also a checkout; She told me that is not what I want. lol. Walked out went to Best Buy. It is sad that Sears is going down hill. I heard on the news that same day that Sears Canada Laid off more staff. Was talking to a Sears retireiee, he told me. Sears Canada will be gone in ten years. I hope not. Remember at one time I really liked shopping at Sears.
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post #25 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-17, 07:06 AM
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Mississauga
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As I mentioned earlier, I used to be a regular shopper at Sears for decades. I finally got so fed up with them a couple of years back, I cut up my card in front of the clerk. I haven't spent a nickle there since. These problems are entirely of their own making.

I haven't lost my mind. It's around here...somewhere...
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post #26 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-17, 06:24 PM
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Location: Burlington Ontario
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Thumbs down Count me in (or out)

Went to Sears at Mapleview Mall in Burlington today to look at Bissell sweepers as shown on their internet site. Lots of vacs of the $400 variety but I was looking for the $50 cleanup unit. No sales clerks in vacs or in bedding/mattresses next section over. In sheer frustration I yelled out at top of my lungs "Does anyone work in vacuum cleaners?" then I yelled out very loudly "Does anyone work anywhere in Sears?". Other than a few chuckles from a few shoppers nearby I received zero replies. I seldom use my Sears card but I too will cut it up. Just Hudson's Bay left now or maybe Target.
Don't let the US/Canada border hit you in the butt as you leave Canada.
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post #27 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-17, 08:24 PM
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Location: Winnipeg mb
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Here in Winnipeg the Sears closest to me is not selling electronics anymore and their tool dept has next to nothing. I probably have more Craftsman tools than the store does.
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post #28 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-19, 11:43 PM
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Over the phone I declined Sears extended warranty. Well today I received the extended warranty offer again by mail. The offer includes a very brief description and the last sentence in bold reads: "Complete terms and conditions will be sent to you upon purchase of contract." So basically you are to accept the contract with unknown conditions and then you will receive the details of the contract you accepted. Funny and sad, but true. I found it strange that they are pushing so hard a money-back extended warranty, which is to give back full purchase price of the extended warranty if I don't make any claims. Well this explains Sears's sneaky strategy:
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post #29 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-20, 07:28 AM
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Extended warranties are generally a bad deal. Sears used to be a good place to shop.

I haven't lost my mind. It's around here...somewhere...
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post #30 of 37 (permalink) Old 2014-12-20, 08:22 PM
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Sears Canada is writing the book on value subtracted retailing

Ahh, Sears: surely to be the next national department store obituary following Eatons and Zellers.
Echoing the sentiments by others, Sears Canada is altogether digging its own grave. I remember how Sears used to have a stocking parts depot just down the street from the department store on Fairway Road in Kitchener. It was fantastic in its heyday: knowledgeable staff, excellent cross-referencing resources, and they often had supply chain connections that rivalled most other appliance/power tool/small engine parts suppliers. Often, I was able to get repair parts and literature special ordered even for non-Sears products that were deemed discontinued elsewhere. Then, one day in the late '90s, some bigshot at head office no doubt had to justify their existence, and rather than stay the course, decided to close down the parts facility, sell the land to developers, and move it to a brand new building inconveniently hidden within an industrial park in nearby Cambridge. And, of course, just this year, the suits threw in the towel and shut all those Sears repair places down nationwide, under the infinite wisdom that relegating it to a single cashier desk within the department store would somehow suffice. Now, thanks to some MBA-totting executive, they even charge a ridiculous fee of something like $3 to $7 just to process a parts order for a customer, even when you're going to come back and pick them up at the store, yourself. Gee, great way to alienate customers, eh! I guess they have to find a way to pay for unnecessarily relocating their distribution warehouse from Belleville to Toronto. I have zero incentive to ever return to Sears for parts; you're not even "allowed" to call the parts depot, only the outsourced 1-800 customer service call centre.

It's also amusing how they just give up on certain areas. Like Hudson's Bay, Sears used to have generic restaurants in their department stores, and then hastily closed them down a few years ago. Did anything substantive fill the space where the cafes once were? Nope. Depending on the store, they either just drywalled in a new backroom stock area, or they shoved existing stale inventory into that area like luggage items.

Once upon a time, Sears Canada made a big deal of their Craftsman brand; nowadays, it seems as though they're intentionally killing it off. I recall "Tractorama" days being a recurring marketing event, back when Sears Canada actually sold a large complement of lawn & garden power equipment -- I'd find it hard to believe that Home Depot, Lowes, etc. fragmented the market so much that Sears decided to just abandon it. And yet, this appears to be what's happening.
I can even remember when the Kitchener Sears store used to have an automotive repair garage, and I think ran a gas station, too; all long gone, even though nothing profitable has replaced those lost value-added services. Recently, a quiet decision was made to convert the [much newer circa 1996] Cambridge Sears to an outlet store, essentially cramming it full of unsold merchandise pulled from other stores. Whose brilliant idea was it to put the junk stock inside one of their newest locations, while leaving the dumpy Fairview Park Mall location continuing to deteriorate? That Kitchener store has been there since the mall opened in the 1960s, has never had a proper renovation, and even smells funny inside.

And I don't understand how it's sustainable to have two separate Sears appliance/mattress 'Home' stores in Kitchener alone. According to handy online municipal building permit records, Sears spent $2.1 million just to build the Gateway Park Drive 'Home' store in 1999, and $700,000 just on interior finish work for the 'Home' store at the Sunrise Shopping Centre in 2005. You gotta sell an awful lot of furniture just to breakeven with those startup expenses!
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